The Samaritan Paradox

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The Samaritan Paradox is a point-and-click adventure game, released in April 2014. It features low-res retro graphics and a plot said to resemble a mix of Stieg Larsson and the Brothers Grimm.

Plot summary

You play Ord Salomon, literary student and hobby cryptologist, fresh out of inspiration and a clear direction in life.

In a recently obtained book, you stumble across a hidden message. It’s from the author, famous novelist/journalist Jonatan Bergwall, to his daughter, Sara.

Sara’s father has recently committed suicide, but instead of a proper inheritance, she’s left with some obscure clues, and the instruction to find and read his last book. For reasons unexplained, she refuses to search for the book, much less read it, but gives her blessing when you offer to do that for her.

During the course of your investigation, many questions arise. What’s the book about? Why did her father kill himself? Why does Sara refuse to take part in his cleverly devised scavenger hunt?

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The Samaritan Paradox


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Will this game be released for Android and/or IOS?
Yes, certainly for Android, and most likely for IOS as well.

Why are the graphics so blocky?
The graphics are deliberately made to look like something from the 90s, hence the low resolution (320 pixels wide). Not all gamers of today are comfortable with this style, but for those people I hope the story and gameplay can compensate.

Does the game feature voices?
Yes! There’s a full cast of professional and semi-professional actors voicing the game characters.

What does the game cost?
The game costs under ten dollars at most distribution sites.

Does the game have a lot of silly puzzles like Monkey Island and similar?
Since my game is partly a homage to the great adventure games of the early 90s, it does feature a few puzzles based on combining inventory items and using objects in unexpected fashions, which some people may find a bit convoluted, but most obstacles and their solutions are logical and at least make sense.
There are definitely a few moments of light-heartedness, but hopefully not enough to ruin the rather serious tone of the game.

How long is the game?

It’s hard to measure play time, but most players have clocked in at around 10 hours.


Game by Petter Ljungqvist
Music by Lannie Neely

Special thanks to:
Vince Wesselman
Arjon von Dam
Joel Staaf Hästö

Patrick Armstrong
Stuart Forbes
Matias Guastoni
Michael Lynch
Gunnar Harboe
Niklas Bergström
Theodor Waern

AGS by Chris Jones

Rotoscope modelling:
Helena Lönn

9 responses to “The Samaritan Paradox

  1. pressurizer

    This looks very promising and exciting, I’m looking forward to it.

  2. I’m so excited to buy this now that it’s been released – I loved the demo(s). I must wait until next week, though. Anyway, hope it does well 🙂

  3. Hi. I just bought your game on gog, sadly I didn’t realise that it was only released for pc (I have a mac). I am happy to support the game, but super bummed out about not being able to play it :/ It looks awesome. Good job! I am a huge fan of the old school games, and I think that a lot of new ones are bringing the same feeling to new adventure gamers. My brother and have also been writing a story and puzzles for an adventure game for a while and believe that it’s a genre well worth preserving 🙂 Congrats on your release and I really hope the game will be released on mac at some point.

    • faravidgames

      Sorry to hear that can’t play it, I will look into making a mac/iOs version at one point, but it won’t be any time soon! Thanks a lot for your nice words, and good luck with your own game plans 🙂

  4. Gian Volpicelli

    So, no iOs version in view?

  5. flo-12

    A very big thank you for the french version.

  6. Patrick

    Hey this was a great game! I really enjoyed it. Terrific job. Hope you are planning to make more games like this one, and I will be sure to support you as much as possible.

  7. Yeah man,the game was awesome and the story particularly good.

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