All publicity’s good publicity?

It has come to my attention that has included The Samaritan Paradox on a list of “The 5 most unreasonably difficult video game puzzles ever”. As a long-time reader and fan of Cracked, I’m naturally honoured by this inclusion.

There’s really nothing in the article that I object to – the passage in question can certainly be seen as illogical and unnecessarily difficult. My only defense is that I wanted some puzzles to be a bit more light-hearted and whimsical, as a majority of the puzzles up to that point had been rather dry – codes and riddles and such – and I simply wanted variation. How spare change can disappear in a couch is a bit of a trope, and the rest of the sequence just seemed like a nice comic relief.

Many puzzle sequences will probably look extra silly when you isolate them, and disregard the fact that events can happen parallel to eachother; in-game, the player may have already visited the pub in other business, and may have already discovered the coins, and even given them to the rocker.

All things considered, the game is in good company (look at previous articles on the same topic to find games like The Jongest Journey featured) so I’m not bummed at all 

On a related note, this month’s issue of PCGamer (Sweden) is featuring TSP in the “What are you playing right now”-section, written by one of their resident reviewers. There’s no score, but the overall tone is positive, with stiff voice-acting being their only real gripe. Read for yourself if your Swedish is up to par, otherwise user Snarky over at the AGS forum has provided an excellent translation of the text.

The magazine also lists the 30 best adventure games of all time, so it’s worth picking up if you’re in the neighborhood. Of Sweden.


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