Gur cnffjbeq vf qrivy’f vil. Fraq vg gb zr naq V’yy tvir lbh n Fgrnz pbqr. Bayl gur svefg svir gb fraq zr gur cnffjbeq jvyy or tvira pbqrf. Gunax lbh.



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7 responses to “?

  1. But Mr. Ljungqvist, is there a way to send it that doesn’t spoil the answer for everybody? XD

    • Hm? You mean I should be able to understand that? Okay, I have to admit that I didn’t have the time yet to play The Samaritan Paradox, so maybe that’s why I can’t see the obvious solution to this riddle, but… well, I’m confused ^^

      • There’s a solution, alright, and you should totally give it a go! No Samaritan Paradox experience necessary. 😛 My advice is to pay attention to apostrophes.

  2. Intense Degree

    V nyernql unir gur tnzr ba Fgrnz naq obkrq fb v jba’g qb vg zlfrys, ohg n sha chmmyr gb fbyir arireguryrff. Gunax lbh!

  3. ^ Gung jnf terng, vagrafr qrterr! XD V’ir tbg gur tnzr gbb, ohg svtherq V pbhyq tvir gur Fgrnz pbqr gb n sevraq. 😛

  4. Bxnl, guvf gbbx zr znlor gra gb svsgrra zvahgrf, ohg vg’f ernyyl fngvfslvat gb penpx n pbqr 🙂 V onpxrq gur tnzr ng vaqvrtbtb, fb V qba’g arrq n pbqr, ohg gunax lbh irel zhpu sbe ghvf chmmyr! Naq sbe gur tnzr, bs pbhefr 🙂

  5. Fien

    It’s not a puzzle, it’s not a code to crack. Well, at least not a new one. 🙂 It’s the familiar ROT13 code from the good old Usenet days. Great for hiding spoilers. Imagine that, you people make me feel old for knowing this! Just copy and paste the text in rot13.com.

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