Some thoughts after launch

Alright, Easter’s soon over and my game has been out for three days. The release seems to have gone pretty smoothly; people appear to be able to buy the game and play it just fine, so that’s obviously a huge relief.

It’s a bag of mixed feelings right now – on the one hand just getting it all off my back is just a wonderful sense of freedom, but on the other hand I now have this fragile baby out there, exposed to the hungry wolves… And there’s also a new feeling growing inside of me now; what’s next? What will I do with my extra time? What will keep me up late nights if not endless bug reports sent in by my meticulous testers? It’s not exactly a problem (I do have a job and a girlfriend, so keeping busy isn’t hard), but it’s still an interesting feeling.

My publisher, Mark over at Screen7, advised me not to take comments and criticism too seriously, since, well, it’s a cruel world out there. However, I haven’t been able to resist browsing through a few comment sections and chat boards to get some sort of idea of what people think of the game. Luckily, so far people have been very positive. Hopefully, the fact that I’m (more or less) a solo player in this field, along with the low price, make people more forgiving.


Hopefully I will be now be able to keep this blog even better updated!

Anyhow, thanks everyone for your support, and keep your eyes open for the next game by Faravid Interactive!




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8 responses to “Some thoughts after launch

  1. Daniel Hendrix

    I played every point-and-click adventure as a kid (Monkey Island, Space Quest, King’s Quest, etc.), so this definitely interests me! I am also very interested in voice-over work. I have a wide vocal range and love trying to mimic famous characters (especially Duke Nukem….). When you start working on your next project, I hope I can audition and win a spot on your game!

  2. Jonas

    I am home due to a flu and logged on to GOG to buy the latest Blackwell game which to my dismay is not released until tomorrow. On the first page I found information about The Samaritan Paradox and gave it a shot since a AGS clicker taking place in my home town is a must, of course.

    Now, some 10 or 11 hours later I am finished, and blown away! Amazing in all aspects! Interesting, tricky and actually HARD puzzles, beautiful graphics, good voice acting but most important an amazing story that sucked me in and would not let me stop playing untill all twists and turns hand unfolded!

    For me this is the best game of the year this far, including Broken Age, Broken Sword 5 (part 2) and whatnot.


  3. nameless

    finished it two days ago. very nice debut. especially the puzzles were well balanced, not as easy as many newer adventures these days, but never unfair. liked the story in a story idea – couldn’t really comprehend the fathers motives for setting up the whole thing though… will look out for your future titles.

    but there’s a a big flaw: it’s possible to end the game without discovering the fotos from the boat, according to some descriptions, i guess i even didn’t find the location were they’re supposed to be. so i had no idea why the hell ord suddenly knew about the real murderer in the final conclusion 😀

    • faravidgames

      Thanks for your c&c, yes I’ve heard reports mentioning that bug, will look into it and hopefully fix it.

      This is obviously a huge SPOILER, but I want to reply to your question regarding the father’s motive. So for other readers – stop now if you haven’t played it!

      We don’t know exactly Jonatan’s reasons for creating the book, or the “game” it constituted, but obviously most of it was meant as some kind of ordeal for his daughter to go through, in order to achieve a potential reward. The protagonist in the fairy tale, Freja, can be thought of as a model character – just, brave, righteous, and we know for a fact that Jonatan was resentful because of Sara’s lack of interest in his work and justice questions in general.
      At one point, Jonatan probably either cut the idea of implementing a reward, and instead used the book to come clean, or at least insert the confession before the reward. We don’t know if Ord stopped reading and just decided to skip the reward part, or if that was the definitive end.
      We can assume that Jonatan’s resentment was partially fueled by guilt, just like his commitment in justice issues might have been a way to compensate for his horrendous deeds.
      We have to regard Jonatan’s action as the result of desperation and obsession by sin and guilt, and thus not entirely logical.
      We can also assume that Sara probably knew fairly well what kind of message her father had for her, which is why she was so hesitant to read it, and also didn’t question Ord’s decision to edit out the real ending (she does realize he has rewritten it – “Did you write this, Ord?”) so they both agree to move on and not talk about it. In his naivety, Ord might think he has really protected her from knowing the truth, and we don’t know if she will work with those memories, if they have been truly suppressed, or if she’s found some kind of closure.
      Obviously, these are just my theories 🙂

  4. Stevemc

    Hello 🙂 !! I’ve finished your Game today and I should say it’s been a very long time adventure Game hadn’t passionate me since Gabriel Knight 🙂 !!!

    I’ve played a lot of point and click Games (I’ve missed some classical all the same……) but your Game…….is very good : I like how you’ve made the story : original and passionating and your puzzles are hard but not impossible. Perhaps I say some mistakes but I’ve seen some point and click’s influences like Beneath a Steel Sky, Monkey Island :)…….

    Thank you very much for this Game 🙂 !!! I will look your future titles 🙂 !!!

  5. Stelios

    Really great game. I loved the old-school difficulty of the puzzles and the complexity of the main storyline. I had played a very early DEMO version two years ago and I was very pleasantly surprised by the positive changes in the gameplay. Jonatan was a very interesting and also very sick character, racked with guilt for what he had done to his daughter, yet at the same time possessive of her. Was he asking her for forgiveness through his book or was he simply trying to lure her back to him through his writing?

    I have a question though: What happened to the 3 alternate endings mentioned in an earlier post?

  6. Mats Andren

    congrats on getting the game out! finished it yesterday and really enjoyed it! felt very gabriel knight-y, (to some extent due to the music I guess). really impressive to get a game of that size and quality finished all by yourself. hope to see more games from you in the near future!

    (I know this differs from developer to developer but if youre interested in hearing more granular, nit-picky feedback, let me/us know in a reply)

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