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Known bug

There’s a certain bug in the game that allows the player to circumvent some events and still trigger the ending scene. I’m working to fix this. In the mean time, please make sure to follow up the murder case before reading the third chapter of the book.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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Some thoughts after launch

Alright, Easter’s soon over and my game has been out for three days. The release seems to have gone pretty smoothly; people appear to be able to buy the game and play it just fine, so that’s obviously a huge relief.

It’s a bag of mixed feelings right now – on the one hand just getting it all off my back is just a wonderful sense of freedom, but on the other hand I now have this fragile baby out there, exposed to the hungry wolves… And there’s also a new feeling growing inside of me now; what’s next? What will I do with my extra time? What will keep me up late nights if not endless bug reports sent in by my meticulous testers? It’s not exactly a problem (I do have a job and a girlfriend, so keeping busy isn’t hard), but it’s still an interesting feeling.

My publisher, Mark over at Screen7, advised me not to take comments and criticism too seriously, since, well, it’s a cruel world out there. However, I haven’t been able to resist browsing through a few comment sections and chat boards to get some sort of idea of what people think of the game. Luckily, so far people have been very positive. Hopefully, the fact that I’m (more or less) a solo player in this field, along with the low price, make people more forgiving.


Hopefully I will be now be able to keep this blog even better updated!

Anyhow, thanks everyone for your support, and keep your eyes open for the next game by Faravid Interactive!



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Pre-orders delivered now!

Screen7 has now sent out the first few copies of the game to those who’ve pre-ordered it, either from Indiegogo or this site. I hope everything will go smoothly, even though I’ve heard the download speed is a bit slow at the moment…

If you haven’t received a download code by now, please get in contact with us, and we will see if your order has got lost in the way. If you for instance have changed email addresses, make sure to include which address you ordered with, so we can check with our lists.

The rest of you will have to wait until Friday!


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