New demo available!

I’ve decided it’s time to put up a proper demo of my game, showing the intro, the first room, and some key members of the cast.
Unpack all files to the same folder.

Can’t play the game?
Open the setup file, and change the window mode setting. Changing filters may also help. Lastly, if you’re on a laptop, it might help setting your energy saving mode to “entertainment”, or something like that.

Like this? Please comment, and share it with your friends!
I reckon it’s about a month now to final release.



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2 responses to “New demo available!

  1. Thomas

    Thank you very much for this nice demo! I enjoyed this short episode – graphics are nice, the dialogues and texts seem very well written and there seem to be some nice little details to discover. I love Herbert, and of course I gave him water 😉 The voice acting is really great, this is amazing for such a small indie-game! Looking forward to the full release! I’m really glad I backed this game on indiegogo 🙂

  2. Joel Staaf Hästö

    Love how it turned out, the VO fits in superbly! Psyched to see the rest of the game 🙂

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