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Entering beta testing phase

The Samaritan Paradox is now fully playable from beginning to end, and so I’ve decided it’s time for an early round of beta testing. There are still some animations to draw and some more sounds to add, but all in all it’s a relatively “finished” game.

The game ended up with 65 rooms, 56 of which are locations you can visit (the rest being maps and other screens).

When exported, the dialogues cover 103 pages of Courier 12 pts text.

The game has three endings; two of which are in one way or another “good” and a third which is basically only “bad”.

If you’re a conscientious, experienced playtester, and interested in trying out TSP, please send me an email. I’m working on a tight schedule, so I’ll be grateful if you can finish the test run within a week or so.

You will be credited in-game as a beta tester.


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