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Two custom portraits

Two recent paradoxically good samaritans have had their face turned into character portraits.



Not naming any names here. Naturally, there have been several modifications to suit the characters they’re representing.



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Still room for paradoxically good samaritans

Ever dreamed of being featured in a point-n-click adventure, and see your pretty face pixelated and used as a close-up, low-res portrait? It’s not too late – for a humble $100 donation you too can become immortalized. You will also be thanked in the in-game credits.

Just use the donation button at the bottom of the game page.

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Testers wanted for September build

Want to help develop my game? I’m looking for more people to test the latest in-progress build of TSP.

Note that this is not a beta-testing; you’re not expected to tediuosly try to “break” the game or find every last typo in it, I just want you to play it casually and make some notes as you progress.

I will then listen to your opinions and thoughts regarding the direction it’s taking, and your suggestions and expectations regarding what remains (the ending, basically).

Thank you.

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