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A little update





ImageSome speed-sketched placeholders

Okay, no periphrastic explications on game theory this time, just a short update to let you all know that TSP is still being developed.

I have now seven weeks of holiday before me (did I mention I’m a school teacher?) so I plan to get to work a lot on the game.

I checked the stats for the game and here are some figures:
Sprites: 791
Inventory items: 48
Characters: 30
Rooms: 48

The room part needs some explaining; 7 of them are just placeholders, and of the remaining 41, another 6-7 are close-ups or other function rooms, leaving some 34 proper locations. I believe the finished game will have roughly 60 fully rendered, visitable locations.

The latest implementation is a note book system, which the player will have constant access to. New notes will be added continuously, to help the player keep track of plot elements, characters and places. The player will also have the option to ask virtually every NPC about the various notes.

The next major update in terms of game mechanics is to let the player switch freely between the real world (playing Ord) and the book world (Freja). I want there to be instances where you can only reach a certain point in one of the dimension, and need to switch to the other, in order to get more information/clues, so that there’s a proper cross-interaction going on.
At the moment, the two worlds are played out serially, and while information from the book world may be crucial in the real world, the player doesn’t have to – and cannot – stop reading the chapter at hand prematurely,



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