Publicity and something on art

Interestingly, TSP has been included in PC Gamer’s list of best adventure games of 2013, This is quite an honour, and it also adds plenty of pressure on me to release something that actually merits such a mention.

Switching between the fairy-tale world and the real world permits me to vary the graphics nicely, and also the techniques used to create it. Most of the Göteborg 84’s backgrounds are interiors, and done in a rather strict central perspective, with straight lines and angles.

To achieve this in a quick and easy way, I’m using Sketch-up to build up the basic elements.


I then import a picture of the 3D model into Photoshop, and paint on the rest. The result is a rather stiff, generic composition, which I think fits well with the realistic, slightly depressing tone of the “real” world.


In the fairy-tell world, however, I want a more dreamy, vivid atmosphere, and prefer to sketch up the scenes myself,


I even avoid photo references – I just speed-paint the scene from scratch, with no other tools than different-shaped brushes of varying opacity.

I hope that the different styles will enhance the feeling of being transported between the two worlds.


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