A little update + help needed

Alright, I have two weeks off from teaching (one of the few advantages with being a teacher) and I intend to get plenty of work done on TSP. I have recently been struggling with the intro and the premises of the plot – I think I will devote an entire post on this topic, because I find it very interesting. Let’s just say that right now I want the story slightly less obscure, and easier to dive into.

From the outset, I’ve reached out to friends and contacts for feedback and ideas. If you have some free time, and a sincere interest in the plot-related aspects of game design, you can play the current build of the game and offer some C&C (that’s “comments and criticism” for those who don’t read acronyms). Although this isn’t a paid position, I still expect that you have plenty of experience in the field. The field of making games. Or playing them.

Happy holidays!



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